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Steve Barton for Canon City (Fremont RE-1) Colorado School Board, November 2015 Election The Conservative Candidate

About this Election:

Steve Barton is on the mail ballot for school board in Oct-Nov 2015 election.

There are no incumbents running.

There are 5 candidates for three positions, YOU MAY VOTE FOR MORE THAN ONE CANDIDATE


Voting in 2015 is very important-- Other Issues on the Ballot Include:

    (I oppose some of these, this paragraph is for information only)

Canon City city council

Canon City sales tax hike - they've spent over a million, much from the road maintenance budget, on Main Street (those "bumpouts" while ignoring the rest of town. Now thay want a permanent 50% sales tax hike for "roads" with no guarantee it wont be diverted for more pet projects like Main Street.

Position Statement & Biography

Website Updates

10-6-15 setup for 2015

Canon CIty Schools Are Failing

  We Must Refocus, Especially on Science and Math

Link: Canon City Daily Record


Campaign Flier

May be redistribed in its entirety only

2012 CCHS TCAP (10th grade):   2015 is little improved

  28% pass Math,

  44% Science,

  41% writing, and

  63% reading

This is not good!

"Common Core" (adopted by Colorado) forces controversial curriculum revisions and new textbooks on Canon City. See:

PARTS of Common Core are not good for Canon City's kids.

Link: RE-1 Canon CIty Schools

Link: Facility Assessments 

  Note CCMS, CCHS 2011

Link: Facebook

Steven Barton

Download PDF:

English portion Common Core Comments from MY readings

Canon CIty Schools Need Major Repairs

  1925 Junior High Re-Roofed 1967, "leaking everywhere"

  Parts of High School Roof dates from 1960s

Why Elect Me to the Fremont RE-1 Canon City School Board?

> I've lived in Fremont County since 1998, except winters for med school 03-07

> I represent the taxpayer, not the vested interests of employees unions

> I've been active in conservative politics for more than 5 years. I can recognize controversial or biased material in textbooks when reviewing them.

> I am a product of public schools--from a district that was renamed in bankruptcy and may be heading that way again!

> I Value Education Highly - and have 2 Doctorates & 2 Masters degrees

  My hard-science background has Law & Business degrees added, so

  I have the broadest education of any candidate. Among many colleges,

  I've attended some where Canon City graduates are likely to go, including University Colorado Colorado Springs, PPCC, and Pueblo Community.

> I've seen the value of science and math in industry, and should be able to promote these topics within the schools.

> My MBA should be particularly useful in administering this district, since much of what the Board does is to run the business of the school system.

> With a Math and Science focus, plus a reading focus in early grades, we CAN bring our results up, and stop failing Canon City kids!

> I'm willing to listen to all sides of Common Core debates, and plan to review materials myself

> If elected, I'll have new curricular materials (such as textbooks) made available for public inspection and comment before adoption. That way parents and teachers can find out what their kids will be learning, without surprises, and all concerned can bring informed comments to the board.

>NO CONFLICTS - Neither I, nor any relatives, are paid by the board or are union members.

Download PDF:

Math portion Common Core Comments from MY readings

There are some who don’t understand the status of Common Core and its significance to Canon City Schools


Yes, I first heard of common core from critics opposing it. However, I then went to source documents to read it for myself and verify whether the criticism is valid.  I had mixed results, finding some criticism valid, and other criticism unwarranted. Only some parts of common core are clearly objectionable, while some other parts may help kids. If elected, I plan t similar self-study for other issues.

Data mining is NOT part of common core; this comes from other sources, some pushed on local districts from federal and state levels.


Although common core arose as multi-state academic initiative, it is being pushed from the federal level through “race to the top” cash.

PARTS of common core standards resemble pre-existing curriculum. Example, 1st and 2nd graders are expected to spend significant classtime learning to read, and to add. Samuel Clemens’ (Mark Twain) Tom Sawyer is on the 6th grade reading list, I read that when I was in elementary school nearly half a century ago, although Huckleberry Finn is gone from the list.

PARTS of common core are in place already in Canon City, OTHER PARTS are not yet fully in place.

Criticism of parts of Appendix B, (English standard’s reading list), and most of Math standards is valid.  See my detailed reviews. Among these are obvious biases in reading selection, delay of standard multiply and divide algorithms, and it is unclear when multiplication tables should be taught.  High School math is abbreviated for many. Geometry is deemphasized. History and Science standards are not yet available for me to review

Teachers tend to use reading material in the textbooks provided for their students to use—textbook content influences what students read, and how teachers teach--in part because other materials are more awkward and expensive to use, with copyright & copying costs. Textbooks in Canon City are now often old, dating from before common core. Hence, common core reading list is only partly in place.

“Common-core aligned” textbooks and workbooks are on the market; aligned English books include much of the reading list from Appendix B. “Aligned” Math books often follow the content and sequence, as well as number ranges and emphasis of “reasons for your answer” over numerical results apparent in the standards – some follow more closely than others.

I propose an ACTIVE board that will review textbooks and other materials BEFORE buying. A board that will openly discuss not only which are the best books for Canon City schools to buy, but which readings in those books should be supplemented with additional material, taught in different courses than proposed to place them in proper context, or in rare cases blacklisted.  A board that will consider how to use traditional ways of teaching math, while still allowing students to pass tests based on Common Core

Even if I win, I may be a mnority on the board. I hope for more involved and conservative candidates in 2017..


Please look at FAQ and contact page.

Steve Barton for Canon City RE-1 School Board

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